Is there any cost to investing?

The vast majority of our offerings are completely free for an investor, as StartEngine makes its money by charging fees to issuers, the company selling shares. That being said, issuers can opt to offset the costs by having investors pay 3.5% fee. This fee will be charged to investors on top of the price of shares. Your total amount charged and shares will be stated clearly on the investment form as a processing fee.

If you are paying via ACH transfer or credit/debit card, there are no additional fees to investing. If you are paying via a wire transfer, there may be additional fees charged by your bank related to the transfer of funds. In the event that you make a wire transfer, please be sure to talk to your banking institution about the fees involved, so that you can pay any additional transfer fees needed.

Below is a screenshot showing where you will see the 3.5% fee at checkout for an investment:


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